Our Advantage

Emerios is the secret sauce that has led to the rapid growth of some of the country’s most notable brands. We empower executive teams to break through and create disruption that results in a clear path to #1 market share. We love to innovate quickly, while making sure we create a positive impact for all stakeholders.

We deliver: Innovative TechnologyExceptional Security and ComplianceDelightful Customer ExperiencesTrue Team Partnership

Innovative Technology

Our custom-built omni-channel platform integrates with every system that facilitates all aspects of your business. We streamline and automate workflows with minimal touch points to create maximum efficiency and ensure maximum conversion rates. We design our systems to provide critical real-time visibility to guide decision making and fuel growth through virtuous life cycles that continuously improve.

We have massive capacity and can rapidly deploy systems that are built to scale. When you partner with us, we are able to cut through the hurdles of bringing new products to market by engaging our tech team to focus on the product development.

Cloud-based, pattern designed architecture for ease of scale
Integration with over 15 business systems
Exceptional Security & Compliance

We demonstrate our commitment to compliance and security by consistently achieving independent, 3rd party attestations and certifications for HIPAA (Health Information Privacy and Accountability Act), AICPA SOC2 (Service Organization Controls) & PCI (Payment Card Industry) every year. We are dedicated to exceed all regulatory requirements. We ensure compliance through robust training and oversight programs. We empower feedback and open communication about best practices and ethics.

Our technical infrastructure is fully redundant and ensures fail-safe “five nines” uptime. We provide complete traceability into our workflows including proof, forms, heat maps, dashboards, and reports. Our processes are fully secure and are designed to produce higher conversion rates while facilitating good decisions and reducing fraud. Our Compliance Alert System detects suspect activity, non-compliances, and violations to the business rules and prompts for resolution.

Annual compliance certifications
Uptime with our fully redundant systems
Delightful Customer Experiences

Each customer interaction is designed to leave the customer feeling inspired. Our processes require minimal information from the customer all gathered at once, resolve transactions and issues quickly, and create a positive experience throughout.

We put information in the hands of your team, empowering them to provide excellent service to your customers. Any one of your team members is able to quickly understand a full picture of the customer’s experience and customize their response appropriately.

Mobile customers served
Average gain in market share
True Team Partnership

We bring an experienced leadership team which is dedicated to ensure your success. Our technology group is driven to disrupt the industry. Our outreach group is eager to drastically increase sales. We have the ability to activate dedicated, highly engaged, well-trained teams to roll out new products and markets quickly.

We have an innovative onboarding process which generates empowered team members that love serving your customers. We filter candidates to onboard high performers that are very engaged in the work they do. We train them in best practices of selling as well as interpersonal skills, leadership, and emotional intelligence. We create a culture of team members who are dedicated to your success.

Highly engaged employees outperform by an 8-to-1 ratio
10 days average time to identify, onboard, and train top performing talent