Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

Jul 24, 2019 8:40:23 AM

Calen Schultz

Is your sales team struggling to reach their sales target? Is there a big gap between the best sales agent and the average one? Have your sales stagnated for a while? CRO best practices can answer all these questions. Here is how.

Develop a Sales Script

Having a sales script is essential to optimizing your conversion rate. If you don't have a sales script, transcribe the calls of the top sales agent. Then pick the elements that make the call so good and use them to create a script for the rest of the agents.

Create Urgency

One of the best ways to create urgency is to introduce the fear of loss. Sales agents should offer prospects offers that would be valid for a limited time. The offers should be high value, and an agent must make the client understand that the offer will not be valid when the offer period ends. The offer can be a significant bonus or price incentive.

Invest in Sales Training

Numerous companies have big budgets for lead generation but a small one for training their sales teams. However, a sales team will only be able to convert a lead into a sale when they have the right skills and abilities, which can only be imparted to them during training sessions. These sessions need to be continuous and include behaviorally based sales training rather than a single event.

Implement Powerful Risk Reversal

Many sales agents are unable to make sales since they are not willing to take the risk. If a product is quality and can offer a lot of value, then a sales agent should take the risk of guaranteeing results. Instead of the client hoping that their needs will be met, guarantee that the product will meet these needs.

Don't just hope for an increase in sales; make it happen! By implementing these four best CRO practices, you will be guaranteeing yourself more revenue.

If you'd like to learn more methods on how you can optimize your sales, check out our video series on how to Create Scalable and Sustainable Outbound Sales Programs.



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