Ending the Frustrations and Risks Related to Your Door-to-Door Sales Channel

Feb 6, 2019 11:09:44 AM

Calen Schultz

Are you utilizing door-to-door sales teams to market and sell your products and services?

We understand that it’s tough for sales operations teams to keep up with both business and regulatory demands, and you’re always under pressure to deliver. To add to the complexity, state regulators are tightening the rules on door-to-door sales. Some states, like Massachusetts, are moving to ban efforts completely

So, what is the leading cause of tighter regulations on door-to-door sales?

It's that companies that fail to provide or fail to ensure that their sales vendors, channel managers, and quality assurance teams have adequate tools and can audit them. Process deficiencies and fragmented systems lead to regulatory infractions, damaged brands, and negative impacts on customer and employee engagement.

What options do companies have to correct for these common problems?

It’s a real challenge to implement a platform to solve for the needs of all these stakeholders. You either build something internally, cobble together three to four pieces of software to get what’s needed or find a partner that has an all-in-one solution. Here are the five areas that are critical to ending the frustration by ensuring your organization avoids unnecessary regulatory scrutiny and enjoys the benefits of building a sustainable and scalable door-to-door sales program:
  • Make sure field sales reps are screened and onboarded according to your requirements
  • Equip them with the necessary tools to enroll your customers according to your requirements 
  • Build in a post-sale communication strategy to gauge customer experience
  • Maintain control over exactly how campaigns roll out in the field
  • Get real-time visibility into how agents are performing 

Contact us to learn the best practices for raising the bar in each of the five areas.

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