Five Factors Influencing the Rate of Customer Acquisitions

Dec 20, 2016 1:56:00 PM

Calen Schultz

Influencing the Rate of Customer Acquisitions


Whether it’s in person, on the web, or through a call center, companies must ensure customers’ experiences are smooth, secure, and effortless. During the customer acquisition process, the rate that a company can add new subscribers is predicated on the following five factors.


Five Factors

1. Time to Hire

The length of time for a new employee or contractor to start.

2. Training

The level of understanding of products, features, benefits, and pricing.

3. Handling Time

The amount of time it takes for a customer to complete their application.

4. Conversion Rate

A combination of factors that drive higher quality customers and experiences.

5. Sales Quality

Meeting business requirements, compliance rules, alerts, and ensuring visibility.


How to Improve all 5 Factors 

Emerios is a highly configurable and scalable platform and is ready to rapidly deploy end-to-end mobile and web solutions that meet the demands of your customers and employees.

Managing Talent

The Talent Module dramatically improves time to hire and ensures training certification. Equipping and empowering your staff to confidently engage customers.

Engaging Customers

The Customer Engagement Module improves handling time, increases conversion rates, and ensures all third party verification and validation processes are cared for. Create exceptional experiences for your customers.

Managing the Business

The Business Management Module is an all access tool providing real-time insights and visibility into all aspects of the business. Driving better decisions and improving processes to acquire and retain more profitable customers.

Talent, Customer, and Business Engagement


We’ve Made Getting Started Simple

The Emerios team consists of integration experts, seasoned engineers, and agile innovators. We will be on our way once they have all the necessary API information and the appropriate introductions to your IT team. Our Client Success leadership team has decades of experience launching nationwide D2D, B2B, and Retail programs for top energy, telecom, cable, and security companies.

Whether you’re looking to deploy an electronic enrollment (mobile app) to streamline your customer sign up process and improve how third party validations are completed, or you’re ready for a full Omni-channel deployment, we’d love to demonstrate how our Talent Engagement ModuleCustomer Engagement Module, and Business Management Modules come together to accelerate your brand into a leading position in the market.


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