Overcoming the Resistance to Change in 2019

Jan 17, 2019 2:17:00 PM

Calen Schultz


How are your new years resolutions coming along?

Change is either initiated from an internal decision or an external force. When change is initiated from an internal decision, it awakens our genius and reinforces our self-belief. When it’s initiated from an external force, change tends to arrive in the form of or be perceived as an obstacle, obligation, or if our mindset is right as an “opportunity.” Tony Robbins says it best, “It is in the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

So, what tends to stop people from initiating change? Said another way, why is the resistance of change so hard for people to overcome?


The Formula For Change

Years ago, I learned about something called, “The Formula for Change.” My first thought was, shoot, I wish I would have heard about this a long time ago. Anyway, it was created by Richard Beckhard and David Gleicher, refined by Kathie Dannemiller and is sometimes called Gleicher’s Formula. This formula provides a model to assess the capacity for personal or business change.

The formula for change is (D x V x F > R).

Formula for ChangeIt proposes that the combination of dissatisfaction with the present, vision for the future and the possibility of immediate action must be stronger than the resistance being felt in order for meaningful change to occur.

Here’s the formula another way:

(D = Dissatisfaction) x (V = Vision) x (F = First Steps) > (R = Resistance of Change)

Given that D x V x F are multiplied together, if any of them are missing or lacking, the formula zeros out leaving people and business to stay the same.

You can take this formula and assess areas in your life and business that you want to improve. Identify and overcome what may be causing those nasty plateaus in revenue, personal health, company initiatives, teams, etc.


Helping Companies Change

At Emerios, we are fortunate to play a role in our partners' success by providing technology, experience, and collaboration to drive progress and overcome the resistance of change.

Characteristics Common to Our Ideal Customers

  • Offers a product of service directly to end customers.
  • Requires the capture of end customers digital signatures, payment information, photo uploads, etc. during your customer onboarding processes.
  • Distributes across multiple markets and channels via the web, door-to-door, business-to-business, telemarketing, and retail.
  • Utilizes sales people (often provided by third party vendors) that engage with your end customers.
  • Requires 24x7 system uptime and support
  • Requires software providers that are PCI, AICPA SSAE16 SOC 2 TYPE II, and HIPAA certified.
  • Sells quality products sold in an ethical manner that delivers value for the end customer.

If you have areas of dissatisfaction in your business and you have a clear vision for where you want your organization to be in 6 – 12 months, however there's something stifling your first steps, please reach out. Our team would be glad to meet to discuss how we might play a role in your journey. 



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