Job Description

About Emerios

Our company is expanding rapidly. Our platform enables our clients to offer critical services to underserved and well-deserved while minimizing waste, fraud, and abuse. Our product is designed to Vet, Verify, and Validate transactions.

We specialize in turn-key elevated customer experience across digital channels such as field agent, retail, and web. Our competitive advantage is the ability to show up with a fully functioning solution with all the needed security audits and best practices built-in.

We are seeking several high performing individuals. You will be joining a special team focused on advancing our SaaS platform that will be fully self-served, enabling our clients to sign up and utilize our services. 

We are proud to be nimble, agile and provide challenging assignments to our team members to solve through empowerment.  At Emerios, you are not just a number, and your work truly matters and is visible.  The project we work on is US-based, although our solution is built with localization in mind. 

Our open position will allow you to advance your career and be a part of something unique and fulfilling in the fast-growing technological world. 

Each of our team members embody these traits, and together we make decisions that positively impact the world. Beyond Blue Holdings, Inc. and our family of companies work hard to make a difference. We strive to positively impact our team members, clients, and the broader global community. 

If you want to join a remarkable team and a visionary company, then we are the company for you.


Job Summary:

• Source code management and version control. Define the branching strategy and support other teams with the development procedure.
• Develop build and deployment efficient pipelines. Automate tasks related to control, development, testing and deployment. Use scripting languages such as bash, powershell, nodejs and groovy.
• Maintain continuous integration tools, such as Jenkins, Sonar and Github Actions.
• Administration of pre-productive and productive environments and configurations.
• Document and maintain automated processes.
• Coordinate efforts with other areas for projects implementation. Participate in deploy and implementation planning.
• Production and pre-production monitoring and troubleshooting.
• Train in new technologies to improve current processes.
• Contribute with new ideas. Propose and implement improvements.


 Responsible by:

  • Branching strategy defined and followed by Development area.
  • Efficient deployment pipelines implemented to support the increasing demand of new applications and architecture changes.
  • Effective support to Development, QA and Infrastructure areas.
  • Continuous integration tools updated and running under security standards.
  • Clear internal documentation shared within the DevOps team, and public documentation published and shared with other teams.
  • Analysis and research of new technologies.
  • Proposals of enhancements.


  • Cloud based environnement administration (AWS, Azure).
  • Containerization technologies (Docker).
  • Configuration and administration of environments (Hosted IIS, cloud based Kubernetes).
  • Builds and deploys configuration (Azure Key Vault, Helm Charts, GitHub Actions).
  • Scripting for task automation (desirable Bash, PowerShell, NodeJS).
  • Source code repositories maintenance (GIT).
  • Continuous integration tools (Jenkins or similar).
  • Monitoring tools (Logstash, Prometheus, Graphana)
  • Software APM (New Relic)
  • Database administration (MS SQL Server, desirable Postgres).
  • General knowledge about message queuing theory.
  • Must know and enforce OWASP security practices.
  • English language: intermediate.

Selection Criteria:

  • Technical Depth and Breadth.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Knowledge of techniques and tools that promote effective analysis, determine the root cause of problems and create alternative solutions to solve them in the best interest of the business.
  • Critical thinking and ability to handle urgent and multiple competing priorities.
  • Acts with sense of urgency.
  • Teamwork.
  • Ability to work effectively on teams, respecting other opinions, valuing diversity, building consensus and assisting others to accomplish team goals and objectives.
  • Learning Agility.
  • Work productively in uncertain and fast changing environments. Finds opportunities in ambiguity; Embraces and adapts to change; adept of learning by doing.
  • Interested to work in corporate environment, with well-defined documentation and following processes.


Our Ideal Candidate:

  • Embodies an entrepreneurial spirit and obsesses over making an impact.
  • Proven ability to surpass expectations, excited to make an impact, and looking for a challenge.
  • Identifies most effective solutions and sees challenges as opportunities.
  • Strong analytical skills and problem-solving skills.
  • Common sense, good judgment, creativity, and a positive attitude.
  • Possesses curiosity for technology and its role in improving our world today.


  • Great work environment – flexible, high-performing, and collaborative.
  • Opportunity for growth and impact.
  • Competitive compensation.  
  •  Technical and Business trainings.
  • English Classes.
  • Full remote.
  • Work Equipment - Computer, any other device or ergonomic equipment needed.

About the Beyond Blue Holdings, Inc. Family of Companies:  

  • Beyond Blue Holdings-Invests in opportunities where enhanced talent and customer engagement and stakeholder integration delivered through our Emerios Change Management Platform, can elevate an industry, and provide opportunities for growth and benefit for our stakeholders. 


  • Emerios-offers our world class omni-channel customer engagement platform which maximizes conversions, streamlines workflows, and integrates all stakeholders.   Our hare is designed to create guided experiences that onboard customers and agents quickly, encourage good decisions, and prevent undesired behavior.  We specialize in highly compliant solutions that provide key visibility and create opportunities for increased value through highly effective change management. Emerios Company brings highly engaged talent with connected hearts and minds to deliver solutions for clients as well as advance our world class engagement platform. The Delivery team applies the principles of Agile software development to deliver quality products and components with short turnaround time.