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Senior Database Administrator 

Database administrators (DBAs) are employees who work with technology, using specialized types of software to store and organize a company's data. This could include a variety of information, from confidential financial numbers, to payroll data, to customer shipping records. A DBA makes sure that data is available to users, and that it's kept secure from unauthorized access or accidental loss or corruption.

Often working behind the scenes, they play a key role in our  data-protection certified and recognized organization.

Job Summary

  • Install and configure relevant network components to ensure database access as well as database consistency and integrity.
  • Respond to and resolve database access and performance issues.
  • Plan and coordinate data migrations between systems.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain change control and testing processes for modifications to databases.
  • Create, or support creation of, required reports in response to business user needs.
  • Perform database transaction and security audits.
  • Establish appropriate end-user database access control levels.
  • Develop routines for end users to facilitate best practices database use.
  • Automate Tasks
  • Work with application development staff to improve database performance.
  • Enforce and maintain redundant systems, policies, and procedures for disaster recovery and data archiving to ensure effective protection and integrity of data assets.
  • Create reusable and maintainable process guides.
  • Become Subject Matter Expert in knowledge of the database infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with IT automation activities.
  • Maintenance monitoring database systems updated as well as tracking systems.


Attributes and Competencies:

  • Experience resolving database related issues (performance, blocking sessions, deadlocking, replication, long running queries, connectivity, security, dtsx, etc)
  • Ability to detect and troubleshoot database related memory, I/O, CPU, disk space and other resource contention issues
  • Experience in the managing of common administration tasks as backup/restore, recovery models, maintenance tasks, DBCC commands
  • Knowledge in the manage of High Availability solutions as AlwaysOn, Windows Clustering, Database Mirroring, Database Replication
  • Experience with SQL Server and Windows tools (SQL Profiler, DTA, SSMS, SAC, SSCM, PerfMon, DMVs, Trace Flags, System Procedures)
  • Knowledge of index management, statistics, integrity checks, server configuration, patching, very large databases
  • Desirable (not-restricted) to have skills to write and solve SQL code issues (stored processes, functions, tables, views, triggers, indexes, restrictions)
  • Desirable knowledge in SSRS, SSAS, SSIS
  • Knowledge about windows technologies, security delegation, SPNs, storage systems
  • Documentation skills for processes and procedures (internal KBs, runbooks, topology, database diagrams, etc)
  • SQL Database operational and/or technical support to users

Job Type: Full-time