We believe that our interests should be aligned with our customer's interests. As a result, our pricing is based on usage rather than Platform fees and/or licenses. That means we grow and ultimately win together.



For newer suppliers

avg per customer
Included in the Professional Plan
is everything listed below:

iOS and Android Mobile App

Product Selection

TPV Integration*

Mobile Manager Portal

Real-Time Geolocation

3 User Roles



For established suppliers

avg per customer
Everything included in the Professional Plan, plus the following:

Digital Contracts

Configurable Alerts

Notification Center

API Connections

Knowledge Base

6 User Roles



For market leaders

avg per customer
Everything included in the Premium Plan, plus the following:

Credit/Identity Checks*


Coaching Assist

Customizable Alerts

Premium Support

9 User Roles


Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase just one component or does it have to be the whole thing?

Yes! Our service oriented architecture makes it easy to utilize the modules or services via API. The above pricing table reflect common packages with an average price per customer. Pricing is based on volume and custom integrations into your existing systems (if applicable).

Is there a monthly license charge or is it per user?

With Emerios, we like to design our engagements based on a pay-for-performance model. Meaning, you pay for utilization rather than licenses or seats! Integrating all stakeholders is important so you're not limited on how many users you can have getting value from the Platform.

Is the platform customized in my branding?

Absolutely. Every implementation of Emerios comes fully customized in your branding. Have multiple brands? No problem, most of our customers have acquired other suppliers so we've got you covered.

Is there a trial I can use for testing?

Yes indeed! To set up a Pilot of our platform, we recommend you request a demo in order for us to align on the immediate needs for your business, gather the necessary info to configure our solution for you, and you'll be on your way to leaving your competition in the dust!

See it in action!

Engagements are customized based on the current needs of your business.
To schedule a full demo of the platform or get additional info, you're just a few clicks away.