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With Emerios, you don’t have to choose between increasing sales and managing risk.

Multi-Channel Contactless Enrollment and Third-Party Verification Services Built For Regulated Service Providers





Why Multi-Channel?

Because time is money and faster is better. Sales verifications that complete under three minutes have a 3X close rate compared with that don't. Most TPV providers focus on a single verification channel resulting in an average fall-off rate of 24% because they can't verify fast enough, and so sales simply die on the vine. That's expensive...

SmartTPV from Emerios hunts down each verification using multiple channels, including live call, IVR, SMS/text, and email until a successful verification has been made.

After over 22 million transactions since 2011, we average a 92% completion rate. The net result? More sales.


The True Cost of Bad Actors

Direct sales agents bear none of the risk of unethical or fraudulent practices, but you do.

Regulated service providers without effective safeguards often face:

Costly fines

Legal battles

Market expulsion

When (not if) unscrupulous sales agents or bad actors attempt to take advantage of the system, we’ve got you covered.


Ensuring Sales Quality

Reduce your risk through SmartTPV Quality Assurance

HS_Quality Assurance_Icon

Quality Assurance

Easy-to-read dashboards allow sales quality and compliance personnel to efficiently govern their entire estate.

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Quality Alerts

Receive proactive alerts when somebody is trying to game the system so you can intervene quickly.

Don’t be forced to choose between increased sales and compliance.

Schedule a demo and implement SmartTPV in your business so you can exceed your revenue targets and be compliant.


Managing the Exponential
Complexity of Compliance

Worried about managing geos with compliant TPV channels?
We’ve got you covered there, too.


US States, Canadian Provinces, and Tribal Territories

Sales Channels

Door-to-Door, Web, Retail, Inbound Call, Outbound Call

Other Requirements

Voice Recordings, Digital Signature, Proof of Identity, etc.

"Emerios' Digital TPV has helped us solve two very critical issues facing our sales process today: Sales Conversion and a poor Customer Experience during TPV… What started out as a small test in one sales channel, quickly expanded and was adopted across our entire enterprise…"


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At Emerios, our heart goes out to those who feel like they have an impossible line to walk, and we believe you shouldn't have to choose between increasing sales and managing risk.

That's why we created SmartTPV - so service providers can get the best of both worlds.